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"Requirements and "Musts" to rent your house in The Costa del Sol"

I requisiti per affittare la vostra casa in Costa del Sol Here below, you can find all the information you need in case you decide to rent out your house here in the costa del sol. First of all, you will need to get a registration done at the “Registro Del Turismo” to obtain a licence that authorizes you to publicize your home on the various websites available on the web. This licence is called "licencia de primera ocupaciòn".

Once obtained, there are some important things that you should keep in mind so that you can satisfy your purpose of earning from renting out your house, for example first of all the house or apartment should be adequately aerated, care has to be taken to beat the hot scorching direct sunlight with curtains or sunshades and air conditioning, the house should be absolutely well-furnished, comfortable, cozy and practical. The air condition system should be a fixed one as the portable ones are not accepted.Unless the apartment is located in the (Bic) area which indicates that it is in a protected area of public interest you will need to fix an implant. Special care must be taken to dedicate a small corner of the house with information leaflets of the attractions available for the tourists like theme parks, natural parks, safari parks or other shows in vigor during the holiday seasons. Do make sure to let your guests express themselves by offering them the chance to vote for your service.

The bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms should be complete with towels, cutlery, vessels and pans for cooking, bedsheets and blankets, as well.Over all cleaning services should be available before check-in and after check-out. In no case can you rent out your home to more than 15 persons at a time, no matter how big your home is, with only 4 persons per bedroom. Though these rules have been dictated by law in order to curb corruption and misuse of the possibility to rent, the licence can cost you up to 1800 euros depending upon the municipal community that you are in, leaving you to pay 0.9% of the value of your house/apartment!

This does discourage many, who consider it an option. This has resulted in an incorrect and misuse of renting on behalf of the owners that has generated, especially in the province of Malaga, very scarce chances of finding an apartment for a long-term rent.