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A beach in the capital city

“How is life in Costa del Sol?” This is a common question we get to hear from most of the new-comers. Having made the choice to live here, our very positive answer to this question can be easily taken for granted!

We found quite an interesting collection of interviews of people who are living, have invested and are working as well on the Costa del Sol. We would like to share it with you. Many of them come from different parts of the world. This thirty-nine year old gentleman for instance, coming from Ukraina lives in Malagà since two years. He is the Director of a Company specialized in container planning, in the Malagà Valley, an ideal site for reseach and devolopment.

He was immediately impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit of the city as well as its dynamism and its technology. Since 2015 his Company is in an incentive program for boosting Reseach and Development of the Companies which choose Spain for their research Centre. A fifty-year-old Dutch lady chose Malagà as an ideal international ground for developing her own Marketing Agency.
The presence of many open minded foreigners and the entrepreneurial freedom Malagà offers, have been the main standards according to which she decided to settle and explore this new market. Having learnt spanish 25 years ago, she's back to Malagà for contributing in the creation of new opportunities in this wonderful and secret Province. Let alone the citizens of Malagà who came back to their beautiful land after years of experiences abroad.
This is the case of a fourty-eight year old gentleman who decided to come back as well and settle at the “Parque Tecnologico de Andalusia” in the suburb of Malagà after many years spent working in the Silicone Valley, California. He is the managing Director of a Company that offers Hightech Telecomunication services. Thanks to the unique Malagà International Airport and its facilities, he is free to travel easily to Asia, to North and South America for his work. Not to mention the wonderful climate of Malagà, its delicious Mediterranean food, its multi cultural context and international atmosphere.
When back home in the Capital City of the Costa del Sol he happily enjoys his passion -running- along the Paseo Maditerraneo and he appreciates relaxing in the open air, with his family, between beach and mountain.
This pleasant climate has charmed a beautiful lady from Canada, who lives in Malagà since eighteen years. “Malagà is a paradise” she says, explaining how she fell in love with Malagà and felt home from the very start, with its sun, the security,
the animated beaches, the excellent food. She now is an experienced Real Estate agent, always fascinated by the presence of many foreigners all around the year. This has allowed her to grow professionnally speaking during this recent beneficial period of time this, to the extent of opening her third Agency. “It's a question of life style” she says, “ Even the simple walking to the office every every morning is fun” she forgot the bad weather, “The traffic is nothing compared to other big cities and to enjoy the view sea while going to work has no price for me”.
The technological infrastructures and the telecomunications allow to work anywhere. The pleasant climate contributes no doubt in diminishing the stress of daily life and offers plenty of opportunities to cultivate easily personal hobbies. She would recommend the city of Malagà to everyone, for working as well as living, as she herself has done with success. For the last eighteen years. Another lady from Danemark thinks exactly the same way, although she installed herself only 4 months ago.
When the Company where she was working decided to expand itself abroad, she had no doubt and decided to be part of it. She describes Malagà as the perfect place to be, with its combination of beach, spanish life style andwith an exciting internaitional touch. An oasis whn one can enjoy life free of concen as everything around, from infrastructures to hospitals, and offices are work correctly. Her activity is based on telephone and internet comunicatons so, the fiber optic network expansion of the city allows to do the best. Moreover the beauty and the good reputation of the place in her country itself, have allowed her to bring skilled workforce from Danemark.
These persons felt comfortable and they fit this new reality in no time, thanks to the international atmosphere of Malagà and to the way the Malagueni people welcomed them. The Northern europeans make it master in this area. Another dutch gentleman lives here since twenty-five years, try and ask him how it is to live in Costa del Sol, He'll tell you that after leaving in many diffrent countries such as Switzerland and the Canary islands, he could find here, the stability he had been looking for. He was not only attacted by its pleasant climate but by the cordiality of the people, as well as the beauty of the monuments, and the andalusian naturalistic context of the site, not to mention the many business opportunities.
He says he always has been working in the sector of turism, hotels and car renting, but in the last ten years he was collaborating at various projects in the sector of technology. Malagà is a cosmopolitan city in touch with the rest of Spain. To do business here means using its great dynamismn towards the developping of new ideas. It is in fact a beautiful place for both living and working. Who would say the opposite?